Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Had to stick around Friday waiting for a delivery from my daughter Carey............she sent me flowers since she could not be with me for Mother's Day. A Hugs and Kisses bouquet (Iris and tulips in a red vase). She had already given me a beautiful star like mobile when I was out in California last time, now that the new deck is finished - I can hang it up. We went to a friends graduation party on Saturday, had a nice time sitting around the pool. A few drinks, nice dinner and cake. Clint's mom came out from California for his graduation.

Went to breakfast at Cheesecake Factory for Mother's Day.......brought cheesecake home. Got some neat stuff from Pampered Chef from the hubby and daughter Danielle. Working on a LO of moms in my life (going thru pictures right now and getting them printed out) Hope to have it done in a couple days so I can post it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I am a Scrap-a-holic

(Where is the nearest 10 step program?)

I have really gotten the bug since moving to Texas. At first it was just to get out and meet some people....don't get me wrong, I had been doing some scrapbooking but just alittle here and there. I started this whole thing after seeing some that my daughter did and decided to redo my wedding book that was falling apart, then decided to redo my girl's baby books. Then when we decided to move.......I started my first book on the move to Texas. Now I scrap just about everything - it is habit forming. I have added stamping into it and with that came card making, which I really enjoy. I don't buy store bought cards anymore!!!!
My daughter said " Mom get out of the house and do something" so I went to the scapbook store in our area - which is Scrap Book Heaven. Met some great ladies, some that worked there and others that just love to scrap. We get together once a month for a Stampin Up Meet and we try to get an all day crop in every once in awhile. Now my daughter say "Are you going again????"

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