Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here Comes the Bride............

Well, my youngest is getting married. I am thrilled and happy for her and sad that I can't be there and join in on the planning. That is how it is when you don't live in the same state as your children. I am going to be there for her bridal shower and she is having her dress fitting at that time so I get to be there for that - so that is nice. She is getting married in Newport, Newport Bay on a boat. This will be different then any wedding I have been to. Her dress is beautiful (and red) and she is having black calli lilies with red roses for her bouquet. The girls are wearing black dresses. So far, all I have gotten is shoes !!!!! Well, I still have time, the wedding is in September. Can't say to much about the groom........haven't met him, but if my daughter loves him - he must be great !!!!! She jokes about not being able to find a good man so she had to import one !! He if from Scotland. I did get my hand in the invitations, reply cards, thank you cards and Bridal Shower invites - I made them all.

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