Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Got a little tree made and a decoration using a image from Gecko Galz on a thread spool. Love how it turned out and will have to make a few more. I am waiting for some dies to show up in the mail so I can make a bigger tree to sit next to this little one.

To make this little tree you need :
several sheets of double sided Christmas paper
bamboo skewers for the middle of tree
a base for the tree, I got this spool from Micheal's in the dollar spot
bead for the spacers between the paper layers
Spellbinders scalloped die set
Spellbinders star die

You cut 3 layers of each of the scalloped dies and two of the stars
I used a nail to put a hole in the middle of the base
Bottom sheet I glued on to the base and then you put the skewer in -pointy side then keep layering (bead then paper) I put it together and then when the star was place saw how much of the skewer I would need to cut off the bottom. I took it apart and cut off the excess from the bottom of the skewer. Putting it back together I put glue on the bottom of the beads and then paper until all used. Then the star gets glued together on the pointy part of the squewer. Hope you understood this...I am not the greatest at direction giving (the wording of it !!!)

This little guy is so easy........... you cut out your image and then cut a piece of plain cardstock the same size for the back. The spool I bought at Michaels and I painted it brown and cut a strip of snowflake paper and glued it on there. When gluing the image and backing together, I inserted a toothpick....the bottom half of the toothpick that sticks out is goes into the hole of the spool. And there you have a cute decoration. This is a small image but the size of the image depends on the size of your spool.

I also have decided no more store bought tags for my gift so as of last year I make my own.Here are a couple I did:



DonnaMundinger said...

Adorable little decorations! Thanks for the tuts. You did a great job with them. No prob with the instructions. xxD

Michele said...

i am so impressed! i love it. i will have to try making a spool something or other too! thanks for the inspiration and for the instructions! xo

Tee said...

I love your Spoolies! The Christmas Tree is really awesome! Great Job! Hugs,Tee

Carol S said...

OMG I love that tree! Super cute!

christi said...

love the idea of using thread spools. also want to comment on the homey tag that you made for the hop. it's adorable.

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